Modding Queue Information

What is this about?

The Modding Queue Category on our Discord Server is a category designed to promote individual Modding queues and to advertise open mods from people willing to take them.

If you wish to request a slot from a modder, please DM them, and they'll (hopefully) get back to you on whether they decide to take your offer.

Please always make changes to your map, and if you aren't, please provide ample justification! Please respect the modders!

What is Modding?

Modding is a term borrowed from osu!. It is the process of reviewing and providing feedback for a map (for rankability or just general improvement) via editor and in-game analysis.

See this guideopen in new window to get started with modding.

Requirements & Rules

Please send "Dog" (AFriendlyPug#7901) via Discord the following items when requesting a Modding queue:

  1. A link to your ScoreSaberopen in new window account, if it exists.
  2. Two map links or two map files. Maps must be serious and have reasonable effort put in.

We expect at least basic understanding and use of timing, consistency, and correct use of rhythm choices.

  • Response times can range from 1-5 days.

  • If you do not send at least the second item you will not be eligible for a community modding queue.

  • If you are a RT or QAT member or have a queue made for you before 04/01/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY), you are exempt from these requirements.

  • If you post anything inappropriate your channel will be removed, and you will be banned from requesting a new Modding queue.