Unban System and Terms


When a mapper is accepted on appeal, they will have a limit of 1 mapset in the queue at a time. This restriction will last until the mapper has successfully gotten 3 mapsets ranked, in which case the restriction will be lifted. The mapper is allowed to rank any song they choose, including ones that might have been previously deleted by the same mapper, as long as the maps are rankable by current criteria. Maps previously deleted will not automatically be ranked again.

If a mapper does not wish to be fully unbanned, but will allow other mappers to use their assets such as lighting events and timing, they may apply for a partnership unban. Rules for a partnership unban are as follows: No person unbanned through partnerships may submit their own maps for rank under their name or another. Any map submitted for rank which includes someone unbanned through partnership must not be uploaded onto an account owned by the unbanned person. Persons unbanned through partnership must not make up greater than 50% of the mappers for a map submitted for rank.


  • If a mapper commits another bannable offense during or after the appeal process, that mapper will be permanently banned from both ranking and the appeal process.

  • Submitting an appeal does not mean that you will be moved to the appeal process, the ScoreSaber staff holds the right to deny an appeal from any mapper for any reason.

  • RT/QAT feedback should be responded to within 4 days of receiving the feedback via DM barring external circumstances


To submit a unban request, open the following formopen in new window