ScoreSaber Team Information

What does each role do within ScoreSaber?

Ranking Team (RT)

They are a group of mappers which take time to mod maps in order to make sure said maps follow every point from the ranking criteria. RT members also go through the ranking-queue and vote on maps that are meeting or not the ranking criteria. If errors are to be find, they will work with the mapper in order to resolve them.

Quality Assurance Team (QAT)

They are a group of specialized players who play through the ranking-queue and vote on maps that are of high quality. Maps which have more QAT upvotes are more likely to be prioritized in the queue and get ranked faster. On the other hand, if QAT deems the map to be of "low quality", it will have a lower priority. The maps will eventually rise based on how long it has spent in the queue.

Criteria Assurance Team (CAT)

As the name suggests, the people in the Criteria Assurance Team are in charge of maintaining the ranking criteria. They also essentially are the writers of the ranking criteria. Any changes which is decided by the CAT has to be approved by NAT and ScoreSaber Admins.

Nomination Assessment Team (NAT)

Generally apart of the Ranking Team, they are the ones in charge of processing some internal interactions with the leaderboards such as denying, replacing and qualifying them, they constantly work towards keeping everything in check. NAT is also the team that moderates RT & QAT by ensuring there is no bias or system abuse.

How do I join the Ranking Team?

The only way to begin the process of joining the ranking team or a higher role is to first participate in the student program. The student program involves making map mods, and having them reviewed by your mentor. Once you have proven your abilities, your mentor will recommend you for promotion and the entire ranking team will evaluate your progress and vote on your induction as a recruit. If you are interested in become a ranking team student please fill out thisopen in new window form

How do I join the Quality Assurance Team?

The only way to begin the process of joining the quality assurance team is to wait for applications to open. Occasionally, the QAT team members will find themselves in need of new individuals to help them assuring quality of maps in the ranking-queue, and a post will then be made with an application form for users to fill and participate in the process. You will then be contacted by one of the Head of Quality Assurance Team to being your journey into becoming a QAT member.