Frequently asked questions

What is PPv3, and when is it coming?

PPv3 is essentially the new algorithm which is aimed to be used to assign star rating to ranked maps. It is currently being developed by Umbranox and his PPv3 team. Considering the complexity of various elements slowing down the process of making PPv3 available, there is currently no ETA as to when it will come into place.

Why are the OST maps not ranked?

Scores which are submitted to the Beat Saber original soundtracks are not submitted to ScoreSaber for various reasons. This makes them ineligible for ranking as no ScoreSaber leaderboard is available for them to be a part of ranked maps.

Why are replays only available on ranked maps?

Replays over time take up a very considerable amount of storage space and ScoreSaber only has so much of it in its current state. There are too many maps available and storing all of them would be unhealthy for the well-being of ScoreSaber servers.

How do modifiers work with ScoreSaber?

Positive modifiers (Ghost Notes, Disappearing Arrows, Faster Song) are only enabled on both ranked Overkills. You can still set scores on other songs with modifiers, but only your base score is considered for scoring and PP calculations. Negative modifiers (No Fail, Slower Song, etc.), always apply.

Why not autorank every map?

There are many reasons as to this is a bad idea. It was attempted in the past and failed. It took almost a year to clean up all the unplayable and mistimed maps that got auto-ranked. In addition, ScoreSaber’s servers would not be able to handle the processing load of auto-ranking all maps, this goes along the replays being only available to ranked maps.

I played all these maps but they give 0pp?

That means the map is most likely not ranked. If you would like to see those maps ranked in order to gain PP from them, please reach out to the mapper and ask if it could be a possibility for them to push their map for rank via the ranking process.

Why can a map not be unranked?

There are three main reasons why a map cannot be unranked, one benefiting each of the player, mapper, and team. The first reason is because players have to put time into a map to get a good score, and would be discouraged from doing that if there is a threat of the map being unranked. The second is because mappers would likely be less inclined to spend the time pushing a map for rank if their map could be unranked. The last reason is because the ranking team would have to check over every map for every new issue outlined in criteria. This would be a large use of resources which would be better spent ranking new maps, which eventually will make the map pool large enough for players to be able to pick which maps to play.

How can I get unbanned from ranking maps?

To get unbanned read the terms and conditions stated here and submit an unban request in the following form hereopen in new window

I have feedback that I'd like to give on a map what do I do?

Most mappers are open to feedback, so don't hesitate to DM them through their available socials. Please keep criticism constructive. Try to follow the QAT Guidelines here in order to write constructive and actionable feedback.

Why is there so much Japanese music on ScoreSaber?

Japan has a long history of rhythm games, thus has many music producers that make music influenced by rhythm games and/or specifically for rhythm games a lot of the times. These songs tend to be high-tempo and include a variety of rhythms to map, which makes them generally more appealing to mappers since they are better and easier to work with. If you're dissatisfied about the current state of the available map pool, be the change you want to see and map the songs of the genres you feel are lacking for ranked.

Where can I request a new feature or report a bug?

Please open our canny pageopen in new window for submitting Feature Requests, Website Bug Reports or in-game Bug Reports.