Technical Limitations Criteria

Looking for the Mapping Criteria? The ScoreSaber Mapping Criteria can be found here

Current Limits


Until further notice the new v4 map format will be unrankable. This will stay in place until we have updated tools for the new format and the community has standardized it.

  • Maps must not break 350 BPM sustained
  • Maps must not break 13.5⭐difficulty
  • Maps must not break 11.5⭐difficulty without a QAT upvote on all ranked difficulties and receive 2/3 approval by RT and QAT
  • Current limit for map length is 10 minutes
  • Maps must not contain chains.

Burst Criteria

Burst rules (Beats are defined at EBPM)

  • 350-375 6 beats
  • 376-400 2 beats

Break rules

  • 2x length of burst OR minimum 2 beat, whichever is longer

Disallowed Mapping Objects/Patterns in Bursts

  • Dots
  • Stacks / Multinote hits / Sliders
  • Bombs
  • Parity breaks
  • Two or more consecutive notes of the same color at over 350 BPM that may be possible to be hit with a single straight swing
  • Bursts exceeding 400 BPM


The current Ranking Queue Process and Rules can be found here