General Rules

  1. No multiaccounting. The first account you make during login is your one and only ScoreSaber account, from the moment of its creation and forevermore. This account is YOU. It is not anyone else. Don't share your account with anyone else.

  2. Represent your own country. Your displayed country should represent a country in which you either reside or hold citizenship. Should your country have been accidentally set to a wrong country, contact an admin as soon as possible.

  3. Play fair. Using third-party utilities of any kind (any type of scripts, mods/plugins, applications, bots) to get any sort of advantage is not okay.

  4. Be good to each other. Harassment or other antagonism has no place within the ScoreSaber community.

  5. No 18+/NSFW Content This means 18+/NSFW content such as drug use or topics of a sexual nature are not allowed.

  6. Where the rules do not prevail, common sense shall. The administration has explicit discretion to apply their judgment on this as they see fit.

Mappers with Ranked Maps


You must never make your ranked maps unavailable to players. If you violate this rule, you will be banned from ranking any maps on ScoreSaber in the future.

What Happens if I Break the Rules?

You will be banned (either temporary or permanently).

If you are currently banned from ScoreSaber Ranking and want to get unbanned, please read the following:

Ranking Unban System and Terms